YES! I'd Love to Get Paid to Brainstorm

Are you an "idea person"?

Are you constantly thinking up business ideas?

Are you a natural problem solver… the type of person
who just instinctively jumps in to help others?

Always turning other people on to cool resources
they never knew existed…?

Would you like to get paid to
do what comes naturally?

Because if you are an idea person, then the only difference between you and me is I get paid for my gift…

And as you’ll soon discover – so can you...

Traditional career counselors are trained to help people find the right j-o-b.

But as a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® expert you’ll work with people who aren’t looking for a new job… or even a new career.

You’ll be helping people who want a whole new life.

Perhaps you do too.

A life with more freedom and flexibility. A life where you can make money, just doing what comes naturally.

Thanks to this one-of-a kind training program you’ll gain the training, tools, and the confidence to help paying clients to “connect the dots” between what they love to do… and how they can make money doing it.

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